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  1.      about Sword
    I actually got much darker after my trip!
    I cant believe Hong Kong could be hotter than here and the sun was much stronger with high humidity kkk
    But I still think its much much better than rain
    1 week ago  
  2.      about sword
    3 months ago  
  3.      about Sword
    I am not crying I am hungry though. Already had dinner with my student kkk
    4 months ago  
    Greig so.. the date went well? kk
    4 months ago
    연주 @greigy haha i guess!?
    4 months ago
  4.      about Sword
    So we just kinda talked first...well it makes sense kkkk
    4 months ago  
  5.      about Sword
    He is doing a phone job interview in a coffe shop. Really?
    4 months ago  
  6.      about Sword
    Good bye, my shiro~
    Thanks for those 3 memory-filled years together!
    I'll be missing you~
    4 months ago  
    Hanna-Riikka I'm sure he'll have a good life. You can start making new memories with the new phone.
    4 months ago
    연주 @hanna I backed up Shiro and restored it on the new one, so he is also Shiro too Thanks Hanna
    4 months ago
  7.      about Sword
    Going home
    4 months ago  
    4 months ago
    glory Take care~~^_^
    4 months ago
  8.      about Sword
    The speed is pretty impressive though
    4 months ago  
  9.      about Sword
    And just yesterday the constitutional court also ruled to remove the caretaker PM due to her unlawful abuse of power.
    4 months ago  
    연주 Our severe problem!
    4 months ago
    Sam Isn't that a good thing?
    4 months ago
  10.      about Sword
    The latest news I heard was that there was 1 dead and 22 insured.
    4 months ago  
    Sam Hi there Gift! So this news, casualties of the earthquake?
    4 months ago
    연주 @mey
    @sam yes Sam...lucky the centre was not a big city with high buildings
    4 months ago
  11. Recommender: enaj
         about Sword
    Btw its a public holiday today
    4 months ago  
    syf really.....why we need to workTTTTTTT
    4 months ago
    연주 Hahaha i work tomorrow tho
    4 months ago
  12.      about sword
    All kinds of recording (video, still picture, audi are prohibited in the concert hall
    I was hoping to get some photos and share with you guys
    Guess I will have to wait for the official photos then
    4 months ago  
    Indra aww that's bad news...but you can take some outside for memories
    4 months ago
    4 months ago
  13.      about sword
    I'll go shower...brb
    4 months ago  
    Alaa splash splash :D :D
    4 months ago
    Zahra Enjoy ~
    4 months ago
  14.      about Sword
    The bus came very late today...lets pray I can make it in time>.<
    4 months ago  
  15.      about sword
    I hate writing Thai official letter
    The vocabulary is so difficult! --?
    4 months ago  
    4 months ago
    Sam And she's not even trying. She's just naturally is!!!
    4 months ago
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