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  1.      about song
    Dear, day will break, you'll awake
    And start to bake a sugar cake
    For to take, for all the boys to see
    We will raise a family
    A boy for you and a girl for me
    Can't you see how happy we will be?
    1 day ago  
  2.      about song
    Picture me upon your knee
    Just tea for two and two for tea
    Just me for you and you for me alone
    Nobody near us to see us or hear us
    No friends and relations on weekend vacations
    We won't have it known that we have a telephone
    1 day ago  
    1 day ago
  3.      about song
    Far from the cry of the city
    Where flowers, pretty, caress the streams
    Cozy to hide in, to live side by side in
    Don't let it abide in my dreams
    1 day ago  
  4.      about song
    I'm discontented with homes that are rented
    So I have invented my own
    Darling, this place is a lover's oasis
    Where life's weary chase is unknown
    1 day ago  
    1 day ago
  5.      about song
    que sera sera
    whatever will be will be
    the future's not ours to see
    que sera sera
    1 day ago  
  6.      about song
    que sera sera
    whatever will be will be
    the future's not ours to see
    que sera sera
    1 day ago  
  7.      about song
    when i was just a little girl
    i asked my mother what will I be
    will I be pretty
    will I be rich
    here's what she said to me
    1 day ago  
  8.      about song
    I'll make you happy, baby, just wait and see
    For every kiss you give me, I'll give you three
    Oh, since the day I saw you, I have been waiting for you
    You know I will adore you 'til eternity
    3 days ago  
    Jio~지오 thanks dear loomiar~
    3 days ago
    3 days ago
  9.      about song
    I can't stop listening
    2 weeks ago  
  10.      about Song
    I'm searching song to make cover
    Any suggestion ? Pls the easy one
    2 weeks ago  
  11. Recommender: ElinYasGD
         about Song
    I love this song for children
    3 weeks ago  
  12.      about Song
    @hanna : this song '
    3 weeks ago  
    M3y:3~<@ Yes... I think so, like you did in your Korean cover
    3 weeks ago
    Jaeyoh Exactly
    3 weeks ago
  13. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about Song
    This song is so helpful for me!!!! It is great if you are learning Hiragana right now!!!
    3 weeks ago  
  14.      about Song
    뮤비를 왔다~ 택운이 연기 진짜 잘하나봐
    4 weeks ago  
    Ryan What did you try to say?
    4 weeks ago
    Oxsilia The MV is out..
    4 weeks ago
  15.      about song
    그 남자 from the secret garden
    that song has been stuck in my head all day
    4 weeks ago  
    AngryShark Congrat! @Cici
    4 weeks ago
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