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  1.      about rollingdice
    Lets play!
    2 days ago  
  2.      about rollingdice
    I've no idea whether to be happy or sad, im glad the new computer has been changed and no access is blocked but the previous staff do a really fatal error, she skip the page number on a print out paper which the original files has lost... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #life
    2 months ago  
  3.      about rollingdice
    Roll... roll...
    2 months ago  
  4.      about RollingDice
    8 more friends to play garden..
    2 months ago  
    dhyta a ghost!? kkk
    2 months ago
    2 months ago
  5.      about rollingdice
    Sleep now~ 잘자 뿅
    3 months ago  
    Lipie Nite ladies, hope you'll feel better tomorrow cc
    3 months ago
    CC 지 은 yep I will lipie.. sweet dreams
    3 months ago
  6.      about RollingDice
    4 months ago  
  7.      about RollingDice
    4 months ago  
  8.      about rollingdice
    Hmm.. test..
    5 months ago  
    5 months ago
    dhyta morning yas..
    5 months ago
  9.      about rollingdice
    Knock knock knock p|
    6 months ago  
    dhyta It's a boring day.. how about you??
    6 months ago
    Indra Well alazy day here
    6 months ago
  10.      about rollingdice
    had a fight with credit card collector by phone lol
    why on earth that man exist on earth?? they still calling after knowing that my boss will go back to office again tomorrow and all the bills will be paid by tomorrow.. grrrr
    funny things they said that they will come to office today to collect the money, scare me with police things and whatsoever and i replied with, whatever you want to do please do, even if you call the police just do, come and wait, just wait as long as you want..
    and till this mind updated, they miscalled for 5 times
    6 months ago  
    CC 지 은 aww.. bad collector. oh well, he'll feel ashamed if it was been paid.
    6 months ago
  11.      about rollingdice
    My green.. moving to another game
    6 months ago  
    6 months ago
  12.      about rollingdice
    6 months ago  
  13.      about rollingdice
    6 months ago  
    dhyta No one??
    6 months ago
  14.      about rollingdice
    I have a good news (can i say so??) so starting this morning, we decide to pet a snake, and itself decided to stay at the toilet hole~ welcome snakey kkk
    6 months ago  
    Lipie greigy what are you going to do?? fried? kkk
    nicole, it decide to stay at the 1st floor bathroom, we still can do anything on the 2nd floor bathroom lol
    6 months ago
    Greig Keep it as a pet keke~
    6 months ago
  15.      about rollingdice
    나랑 놀자..
    6 months ago  
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