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  1.      about Me

    What bugs me the most is that my social life is a zero! literally zero !
    I can spend years in the same place and not have a proper conversation with anyone! And I'm not even a shy person! I'm just being held back with a very heavy weight of memories, not only in my childhood, but also while growing up, which is making my situation even worse.
    It's bad because I don't ever feel like being myself, like I'm hiding inside and nobody will ever see me or recognize me! This terrifies me, that no one will ever see the true me.
    @Jay @ Julia thank you for your comments. appreciate each word.
    1 day ago  
    Jay 재 I know how you feel, my social life is similar. I would tell you to remember that MP is always here for you but I'm guessing that, as much as you appreciate that, it's not the same as having 'real' people to talk to who are physically present (I say this as that's how I feel). It's hard to move past these things which hold us back, however, it's all psychological, these things can be changed with time if you have the courage to push yourself out your comfort zone. You have to use your fears to motivate you instead of pulling you back. Though I know a face on a screen saying this probably doesn't make much impact, it's great to hear that someone is there for you, but you may feel that it can't change much but please don't feel alone
    1 day ago
    Julia (( HUGS ))
    1 day ago
  2. Recommender: jrbeanie17
         about Me
    When I was a kid, I used to be ignored, my parents loved me but when they never talked to me, or taught me how to express/defend myself, or give an opinion, even when I ask questions they don't answer, they mainly did that because I was a kid. and they thought it was OK.
    I can't believe how much it's affecting me now, I'm grown, well educated and independent, but I still have that fear of talking, fear of being ignored and rejected, I can't even make a conversation, because i feel the other party is gonna cut me off at any point.
    I know that sounds absurd but it's the truth. and i can't change it.
    1 day ago  
    Jay 재 This is not absurd at all. Psychologically, what happens during our childhood influences how we respond in later life. Our patterns of behaviour are first created then so how you experience social situations then has a heavy baring on how you respond to them as you grow up. However, you must remember that these are not set in stone. They may be hard to change but not impossible. If you push yourself to act the way you want to, regardless of how you feel, you can move past it... It just takes time and courage and hard work. Fighting!
    1 day ago
    Julia You can change. It may not be easy. It is OK to be an introvert and prefer to speak to just close friends rather than be an extrovert who talks to everyone at a party. But if you don't speak, then people are missing out on the special person you are.
    Toastmasters International is a speaking club. It helped me have more confidence. Perhaps it can help you too. Or find some other club that interests you and practice speaking with people while you are doing club activities.
    Of course, practice speaking at Mindpasta too. I want to hear what you have to say.
    1 day ago
  3.      about me
    Spamming for a while
    4 days ago  
    CC (っ´▽`)っ Hahaha! Here it goes elisa
    4 days ago
    4 days ago
  4. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about me

    hahahah puwahahahahaahhahahaah zombie

    4 days ago  
    권야스민 hahahah lucky you mey i can't sleep on 22 or 23 that's not ma time if i sleep on that time i got headache tomorrow
    4 days ago
    권야스민 hahahah i see blossom
    4 days ago
  5.      about Me
    I'm lost, totally, entirely and completely. All I want from you is to pray for me to find somebody to help me out, and guide me. Even worse than being lost is being alone. Please I need your prayers. Thank you all.
    5 days ago  
  6.      about me
    recommended areas... is all that I like
    Recommended courses
    - COMPUTER OPERATOR (Windows, Work, Excel, Power Point and Internet)
    - GRAPHIC DESIGNER (Corel, Photoshop, Indesign and Pagemaker)
    - WEB DESIGN (Html, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Frontpage and Php)
    - PERSONAL CAD (Autocad mod I, II mod Autocad, 3D Studio and 3D Studio I mod mod II)
    - ENGLISH (Inglês for Life)
    - SALES ADMINISTRATION bilingual (Excel, Power Point, Sales, Telemarketing, Customer Service and English)
    Recommended areas
    7 days ago  
    Jio~지오 I need I would like to learn.. but just to pass the time~ but for me to work, it would be in another area. I like to draw too, always wanted to draw by the computer.. but it does not work...
    7 days ago
    Greig kk that is a lot of stuff~ not as easy as you think . For web design start off with html and css~
    7 days ago
  7.      about me
    A person makes a test of professional orientation and this is the result.
    Artistic and Social
    Taste: Reading books, art activities, music and writing. Help, advise or teach treat serve others.
    Values​​: emotions or feelings, aesthetic creative ideas. Work for the welfare of others and social service.
    As seen: Open to experiences, innovative, intellectual and having more creative skills than clerks. Understanding in relations to the feelings of others, patients with more social skills than mechanical.
    As seen: Unusual and creative disorganized. Helpful, pleasant mood.
    Evita: Routines and Rules. Mechanical and technical activities.
    7 days ago  
    Glory C perfect beautiful girl
    7 days ago
    Jio~지오 hiiiiiiii Glory
    7 days ago
  8.      about me
    2 weeks ago  
    Zahra my lovely sis
    2 weeks ago
    김 야스 Nona @♥
    2 weeks ago
  9. Recommenders: Nazgul other 3
         about me
    2 weeks ago  
    김 야스 Thank you mey and naehna ♥♡♥
    2 weeks ago
    2 weeks ago
  10. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 3
         about me

    Hahahahahahahah well that's me me

    2 weeks ago  
    Sam☆ You're so cool!
    2 weeks ago
    김 야스 Merci naehna ♥
    2 weeks ago
  11. Recommenders: Mika_ist08 other 2
         about me

    me ith ma new hat hhhhh

    2 weeks ago  
    M3y:3~<@ Love it ! You look cool with that Hat ~
    2 weeks ago
    김 야스 tnx mey
    2 weeks ago
  12.      about me
    2 weeks ago  
    2 weeks ago
  13.      about Me
    2 weeks ago  
  14. Recommenders: Hellothere other 1
         about me

    I'm white! ...it's too hot here, I hate it ... ¬¬

    3 weeks ago  
    Malu-Lee ~Pretty!~~~
    3 weeks ago
    Betsabe♥ thank youuuu I'm pretty sure you're too, thank you so much
    3 weeks ago
  15.      about me
    3 weeks ago  
    Mika_h8 ㅎㅎㅎㅎsometimes me too
    3 weeks ago
    lila kkkkkk
    3 weeks ago
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