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    English words that using in Korean
    헬스 : gym
    볼펜 : ballpoint pen
    매직 : marker
    개그맨/개그우먼 : comedian
    싸인 : autograph
    니트 : sweater
    원피스 : dress
    워커 : boots
    후드티 : hoodie
    맨투맨 : sweat shirt
    사이다 : sprite
    캐미 : chemistry
    원룸 : studio
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    Ellyn Ahh Konglish words!!!
    14 hours ago
  2.      about Korean
    여러분 안녕하세요~ ^^
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    Ryan 안녕하세요
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    yanHae15 @Ryan 안녕하세요~ ^^ 반가워요.
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    English words that using in Korean
    노트북 : laptop
    선글라스 or 선글래스 : sunglasses
    라디오 : radio
    아이스크림 : ice cream
    쎄일 : discount
    가스 : gas not gasoline
    리모콘 : remote controller
    에어컨/에어콘 : air conditioner
    버스 : bus
    택시 : taxi
    게임(kke-im) : game
    컴퓨터 : Desktop
    팬티 : underpants
    쥬스 : juice
    테이크아웃 : takeout
    피자 : pizza
    콜라 : coke
    커피 : coffee
    넥타이 : necktie
    햄버거 : burger
    잉크 : ink
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    최야스권 샤워
    5 days ago
    Emmli 카메라 camera
    셀카 self cam (selfie)
    5 days ago
  4.      about korean
    저는 많죠 (Korean)
    i have a lot
    jeoneun manhjyo
    5 days ago  
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         about Korean
    그게 뭐였지? and 그게 뭐였어?
    when we ask something to yourself or someone
    그게 뭐였지? What was that/it?
    you can use this question to yourself or someone
    A: 그게 뭐였지?
    B: 나도 몰라(I don't know..)
    A: 그게 뭐였지?
    A: 기억이 안 나...(I don't remember..)
    그게 뭐였어? What was that/it?
    you can use this question to someone
    A: 그게 뭐였어?
    B: 나도 몰라 (Korean)
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    Sammy Thanks~~
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    Ryan Thank you for pink?
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         about Korean
    Changing of ㅎ sound in the word when it is placed bottom of letter.
    ㅎ makes t sound when it comes before ㄷ : 않다 > 안타
    ㅎ goes none sound when it comes before ㅇ : 않아 > 안아 > 아나
    ㅎ makes k sound when it comes before ㄱ : 않고 > 안코
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    Ryan my pleasure~
    6 days ago
    AngryShark Congrats! @ryan
    6 days ago
  7. Recommender: judith
         about korean
    Symbols in korean.
    . 마침표/온점 period
    ? 물음표 question mark
    ! 느낌표 exclamation point
    , 쉼표 comma
    & 앰퍼샌드 ampersand
    : 콜론 colon
    # 삽/우물정 hashtag
    (space) 띄어쓰기/공백 space
    / 슬래샤 slash
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         about korean

    Korean family tree~
    Me right now:

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  9.      about korean
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    최야스권 btw normal and hard well very hard can deal with it too eonnie
    7 days ago
    NOOR I speak better than I read or write
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    웃기지마 (Korean)
    don't be ridiculous
    2 weeks ago  
    Ryan 아~
    2 weeks ago
    최야스권 나이스 ㅎㅎㅎ
    2 weeks ago
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    없니? and 없잖아?
    없니? is just a question for example
    거기(에) 그거 없니? "Isn't it there?"
    you can ask 거기에 그거 있니? also "Is it there?"
    없잖아? is a question to double check
    거기에 그거 없잖아? (I knew it isn't there or when not sure if it is or not there) Isn't it there?
    2 weeks ago  
    Natasha 고마워요 오빠~
    2 weeks ago
    2 weeks ago
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    should do this more often..
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    Mika_할리메 Hehe fighting
    3 weeks ago
    양 마리 thanks
    3 weeks ago
  13.      about korean
    저도 모르죠 (Korean)
    i don't know
    jeodo moleujyo
    4 weeks ago  
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         about Korean
    ~도 이다/그렇다 : too
    in the positive sentence
    A:아들이 공부를 하고 있어요. (My son is studying)
    B:내 아들도 그래요/하고 있어요. (My son is studying too)
    ~도 아니다 : Either
    in the negative sentence
    A:아들이 공부를 안 해요 (My son doesn't study)
    B:내 아들도 그래요/안 해요. (My son doesn't study either)
    1 month ago  
    Ryan 내 아들이 일하고 있어
    1 month ago
    최야스권 고마워 오빠
    1 month ago
  15. 1 month ago
    Ellyn HAHAHAHA
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