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    i had dream overnight about .....
    guess what
    1 day ago  
    Aylin Caygaracı ahahah awesome
    1 day ago
    1 day ago
  2. Recommender: ryan
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    백오 = 105 is it true?
    2 days ago  
    Ryan yup!!
    2 days ago
    Aylin Caygaracı oh great ^^ thanks @ryan
    2 days ago
  3. Recommender: siham
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    Choose what this phrase is meaning
    코 파지 마
    1. Eat your booger
    2. Pick your nose
    3. Do not eat your booger
    4. Do not pick your nose
    2 months ago  
    I am MP buddy speechless ....haha
    2 months ago
    siham Oh! Good answer
    2 months ago
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    오늘 하루 어땠어요? (Korean)
    how was your day today?
    oneul halu eottaesseoyo?
    2 months ago  
  5. Recommender: kwanning0606
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    Korean Onomatopoeia Part 5
    부르릉, 부릉부릉- car engine sound
    깨갱 깨갱- sound made by a dog in pain/distress
    훌쩍 뛰어넘다. To jump over something gracefully/effortlessly/completely
    보들보들- soft and cuddly, such as the texture of a towel
    뒤 뚱뒤뚱- to walk or move about in a way that looks either comical, about-to-fall-down, or unbalanced. (like a penguin)
    미끌매끌 - smooth and polished
    따끈따끈 - very warm (in a positive way), such as fresh hot bread, hot tea/soup, hot springs, warmly heated room/floor.
    2 months ago  
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    Korean Onomatopoeia Part 4
    보 글보글, 부글부글, 뽀글뽀글- bubbling, boiling. 부글부글 is more negative. 뽀글뽀글 is more emphasized. 뽀글 can also be used to describe severely curly hair.
    따르릉 따르릉- old-style telephone ringing, bicycle bells, alarm clock ringing.
    홀짝홀짝- sipping sound
    드르렁- snoring sound
    훌쩍훌쩍- sniff (crying sound)
    훌 쩍 - some sort of big and smooth action
    콱- a sound for sudden and strong movement.
    스르륵 - sound of light and smooth sliding
    사 르륵- sound of soft and light action? - ex)In regards to ice cream, cream puffs, etc: 입안에서 사르륵 녹아요. It just melts away in your mouth.
    주르륵 or 주륵주륵- sound of slow/gloomy rain
    모락모락- smoke rising.
    깡총깡총- (rabbit's) hopping
    2 months ago  
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    Korean Onomatopoeia Part 3
    끌끌 - zzzzzz .... (sleeping)
    번쩍 flash, flashy (used for flash of lightning)
    우르릉 - rumble of thunder
    응애응애 - baby's cry
    질퍽질퍽, 질척질척- squelching sounds and negative stickiness of mud or walking in the mud. (Or, too humid and uncomfortably wet.)
    쾅 - Bam!/Boom!/Bang!
    쿵- sound of heavy thud
    쿵쾅쿵쾅- sound of loud/heavy footsteps or other rhythmic sounds of a heavy ob-ject
    쿵짝쿵짝- music (especially for trot-style music)
    뚜벅뚜벅- footsteps. (more like men's shoes)
    또각또각- footsteps of a woman's high heels.
    저벅저벅- footsteps.
    터벅터벅- tired footsteps. ('trudging' or 'plodding along')
    쩝쩝- smacking lips sound in appreciation of food
    얌얌쩝쩝 - sound of enjoying food
    2 months ago  
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    Korean Onomatopoeia Part 2
    흑 - a sharp intake of breath, like when someone is sobbing (or trying not to while speaking)
    후들후들 - trembling
    후두두 - large drops falling; the sound of sprinkling something
    철벅철벅 - to splash
    주르르 - to trickle down
    주르륵 - to gargle
    쉿쉿 - hissing noise
    훨훨 - the sound a butterfly's wings make as it's flying ("flutter flutter")
    윙윙 - buzzing or humming noise; bee's buzz
    짹짹 - birds chirping or singing
    까악까악 - a crow's call
    꽥꽥 - a duck's quack
    꽤액-꽤액 - a goose's honk
    개굴개굴 - the sound a frog makes (ribbit, croak, etc.)
    구구구구 - a cock's crow
    뽀뽀 - a kiss (not sure if this is actually onomatopoeic)
    쪽 - kiss sound
    맴맴 - the sound cicada's make
    추록추록 - raindrops coming down
    2 months ago  
    I am MP buddy 흑! I am shocked now ....
    2 months ago
    2 months ago
  9. Recommender: kwanning0606
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    Korean Onomatopoeia Part 1
    빵 - Bang
    아야 - Ouch
    앗 - Oops
    음 - Um...
    얌냠 - sound made when chewing food
    쾅 - Crashing sound
    멍멍 - Dog barking
    칙칙폭폭 땡 - train sound
    꿀꿀 - Pig noise - oink
    펄럭펄럭 - flapping of cloth
    삐약삐약 - chicks chirping
    야옹 - cat meowing
    에치 - Achoo
    콜록콜록 - Coughing
    켁켁 - Choking
    우엥, 잉잉, 흑흑, 훌쩍훌쩍- Crying
    킁킁 - Smelling
    끼잉끼잉 - Dog whining
    메롱 -
    깍꿍 - Peekaboo
    펑 – poof
    싱 – zoom
    슈 – whoosh (faster than 싱)
    끽 – creak
    똑똑 – knock knock
    두근두근 – ba-bump ba-bump (heartbeat)
    콩닥콩닥 - heartbeat
    빤짝빤짝 – sparkle/shine/twinkle/glitter
    음매 – moo
    매애 – baa
    찍찍 – squeak squeak (mice)
    딩동댕 - sound of a ringing bell
    우웩 - sound for vomiting
    우물우물 - to mumble
    2 months ago  
    I am MP buddy it will take forever for me to remember all these
    2 months ago
    양 마리 me too..
    2 months ago
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    내가 운전할게 (Korean)
    i will drive
    naega unjeonhalge
    2 months ago  
    최야스권 i stopped driving since i had accident + eonnie she's righ
    2 months ago
    2 months ago
  11. Recommenders: iimimelda other 2
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    1월(il wol) (January)
    2월(i wol) (February)
    3월(sam wol) (March)
    4월(sa wol) (April)
    5월(o wol) (May)
    6월(u wol) (June)
    7월(chil wol) (July)
    8월(pal wol) (August)
    9월(goo wol) (September)
    10월(si wol) (October)
    11월(sib-il wol) (November)
    12월(sib-i wol) (December)
    3 months ago  
    3 months ago
    양 마리 Completely different 1 month, 2 month.. as soon as you know the numbers, you also know the months
    3 months ago
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    갑자기 왜이러지? (Korean)
    why's it like that all of sudden?
    gabjagi waeileoji?
    3 months ago  
  13.      about korean
    왜 갑자기 이래? (Korean)
    why's iT doing that all of sudden?
    wae gabjagi ilae?
    3 months ago  
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    칼퇴 영어로
    3 months ago  
    Uphuin 핀 He looks Flat!!
    3 months ago
    Nancy My favorite word
    3 months ago
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    절대 그렇지 않아 (Korean)
    there's absolutely something like this
    jeoldae geuleohji anh-a
    3 months ago  
    최야스권 like that not like this
    3 months ago
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