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  1.      about Korean
    Why can't I just magically learn Korean? >.< It's so frustrating to not understand most things.
    2 days ago  
    Malu-Lee Fighting, my sweetie!~
    2 days ago
    MusicLover Thanks
    2 days ago
  2. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about Korean
    When adjective meet verb Be, they change their form to finish the sentence
    아름다운 + 이다 : 아름답다(or 아름다워)
    예쁜 + 이다 : 예쁘다(or 예뻐)
    착한 + 이다 : 착하다(or 착해)
    고마운 + 이다 : 고맙다(or 고맙다)
    늦은 + 이다 : 늦은 것이다(present) / 늦었다(past, can be used for present tense sometimes when we tell about time)
    We can see a pattern there omitting 'ㄴ' in adjective and omitting '이' in verb Be except some exceptional cases.
    1 week ago  
    엘리사 파올라 @Sam ¿Ya puedes leer hangul?
    1 week ago
    Sam Elisa, puedo leer Hangul un poco ahora. Sólo un poco.
    1 week ago
  3. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 4
         about Korean
    당근 means carrot and sure is 당연하다
    I don't know when we started it for using "Sure!" but we use 당근 for it me also!
    we can use 당근, 당삼, 당연 *frequently : 당근이지, 당연하지 *
    This is kinda slang word in Korean
    example : 당근이지! 당연하지! 당삼이지
    1 week ago  
    Irene Yeh ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 네~ 알겠어요. ^^
    1 week ago
    shaikha I heard 당연하지 alot more than the rest, I've always wanted to know how to say & write it. Now I know☆☆☆
    1 week ago
  4. Recommenders: samlad other 4
         about Korean
    달리다 actual meaning is run
    sometimes we use this words when we did something too much like We drank and drank all night long! = 밤새 달렸어 : standard - 밤새 술 마셨어
    This is kinda slang word in Korean. ㅋㅋ
    1 week ago  
    m3y 유리  i got it
    1 week ago
    1 week ago
  5. Recommenders: kmbrlylee23 other 3
         about Korean
    Can we have a table for one or two or three or four?
    1인분 주세요 / il-inBun JuSeYo
    2인분 주세요 / i-inBun JuSeYo
    3인분 주세요 / Sam-inBun JuSeYo
    4인분 주세요 / Sa-inBun JuSeYo
    2 weeks ago  
    2 weeks ago
    Ragheed 2인분주새요 for me and my dream man
    2 weeks ago
  6. Recommenders: irina_mursalova other 8
         about Korean
    Let's see how verb changes when two verbs are in a sentence
    I go after eating : 나는 먹고 간다 = noun + postpositon + verb 1 + verb 2
    Verb 1 : 먹다 tuned to 먹고
    Verb 2 : 가다 shows tense so it can be 갔다(past) 간다(present) 갈 것이다(future)
    Try to make a sentence with these words for past,present and future
    나 , 공부하다, 오다
    2 weeks ago  
    Orvokki But how you are supose to know. Which one of the verbs on sentences come first?
    2 weeks ago
    Ryan @Abby it's a bit many??
    @Orvokki It's contrary to English
    Engilsh : I go(가다) after eating(먹다)
    Korean : 나는 먹고(eating) 간다(go)
    2 weeks ago
  7. Recommenders: yoseobneko other 9
         about Korean
    Let's see how verb changes when verb and verb be are in a sentence
    나는 밥을 먹고 있다 : 먹'다' turned to 먹'고' in front of verb be ( 이다, 있다...) = I'm eating meal
    or can be 먹는 중이다
    나는 공부를 하는 중이다 : 하'다' turned to 하'는 중'이다 or can be 하고 있다
    2 weeks ago  
    2 weeks ago
    Ryan @shaikha "verb+ing" and "be verb+ing" are different
    2 weeks ago
  8.      about korean

    we have bad news in egypt some tourist guest attack and 4 people killd and the rest at the hospital and they now at the hospital but little people in egypt know korean so i go to the hospital and translate

    2 weeks ago  
  9. Recommenders: DoNichiArt other 6
         about Korean
    Let's make simple Korean sentence
    noun + verb : 차가 달린다 ( a car is running)
    boun + adverb + verb : 차가 빠르게 달린다 ( a car is running fast)
    noun + adjective + noun+verb Be : 나는 착한 사람이다 ( I'm a good person)
    2 weeks ago  
    Neko Jimin♥ i've heard that 은 or 는 is like 'to be' in english (is, am, are), but why in that sentences there's no 은 or 는? can you please explain?
    1 week ago
    Ryan @Neko read my notes
    1 week ago
  10.      about korean
    i need a songsaengnim. ahuhuhunu
    2 weeks ago  
  11.      about korean
    I'm learning Korean pronunciation. When there is two of consonants, which one you have to pronounce? Example; 앉으시오!
    2 weeks ago  
    meem Check Ryan's note .. and I think u pronounce the ㅈ in this word .. not suretho
    2 weeks ago
    Kitta (◕ܫ◕ღ) Ah.. okay thank you
    2 weeks ago
  12. Recommenders: d_elf13 other 2
         about korean
    super junior m swing
    2 weeks ago  
    엘리사 파올라 Thanks Bibo I'm watching it on and off with Mindpasta haha
    2 weeks ago
    Bibo hhhh u r welcome enjoy
    2 weeks ago
  13.      about korean
    just joined to practice my korean
    3 weeks ago  
    Ryan Check Friends Said to Me on the left column first
    3 weeks ago
  14. Recommenders: Ringo other 8
         about Korean
    Behind meaning of 착하다
    착하다 : Good, nice...
    Recently we've been using it as another way for price or looks.
    가격이 착하네 : it's cheap
    얼굴이 진짜 착하네 : someone's face looks bad
    얼굴이 착하네 : someone's face looks normal to pretty
    몸매가 착하네 : someone(usually girl) has a good shape
    4 weeks ago  
    Ryan 이렇게 쓰이는 것 같당.. 아 헷갈려
    4 weeks ago
    Sam 두통! !!!
    4 weeks ago
  15. Recommenders: Mika_ist08 other 8
         about Korean
    basic sentence in Korean
    Subject + ob-ject + Verb
    Subject : noun/pronoun as usual but sometimes a phrase can be a subject
    ob-ject : noun/pronoun
    Verb : Verb/Verb B
    Ex: 나는 공부를 한다 subject:나는 ob-ject:공부를 verb:한다
    4 weeks ago  
    Sam Rehab time? jk, you guys are so gullible we're just kidding
    4 weeks ago
    j I dare you Sam
    4 weeks ago
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