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  1.      about Hungry
    한 입만 줘!
    Can I get a bite?
    Han ipMan Jweo!
    5 months ago  
    willalex ㅋㅋㅋ 여기 오면~~
    5 months ago
    5 months ago
  2. Recommenders: Kareen other 3
         about Hungry
    배 안 고파?
    aren't you hungry?
    Bae An GoPa?
    5 months ago  
    Mika_ist08 아니요 :D
    5 months ago
    ryan @Bree new?????
    5 months ago
  3. Recommenders: Mika_ist08 other 2
         about Hungry
    배고픈 사람?
    Who's hungry?
    BaeGoPeun SaRam?
    10 months ago  
     아니 그냥 물을 마시고 싶어요
    10 months ago
    SiskaHanna 만두 looks delicious yummy
    10 months ago
  4. Recommenders: nurfarah other 5
         about Hungry
    먹을 것 좀 줘..
    Give me some foods!
    MeoGeul Geot Jom Jweo..
    12 months ago  
    SissouRock Lol i said this to my mom .... she asked me : what the hell are you saying ?? are you insulting me in korean again ?
    11 months ago
    ryan Fighting!!!
    11 months ago
  5. Recommenders: Reina other 3
         about Hungry
    먹을만한 게 있을 거야
    There will be something that we can eat
    MeoGeulMan-Han Ge iSSeul GeoYa
    12 months ago  
  6. Recommenders: sueanntan203 other 3
         about Hungry
    Amel, 배고파서 죽을 것 같아!
    Amel, I feel like I will die with hunger
    Amel, BaeGoPaSeo JuGeul Geot(KKeo) GaTa!
    12 months ago  
    Julia_Moonburn Rice with fried chicken and vegetables, sounds right. Eat healthy :-P
    12 months ago
    Amel_Lin @zeze oppa will faint! haha
    12 months ago
  7. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about Hungry
    뭘 좀 먹고 올게
    I will be right back after eating some foods
    Mweol Jom MeoKKo OlKKe
    12 months ago  
  8. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about Hungry
    집에 빵이 좀 있나??
    Is there some breads in my home??
    JiBe PPang-i Jom in-Na?
    12 months ago  
  9. Recommenders: eunhyoonique other 1
         about Hungry
    너 아직도 배고파?
    Are you still hungry?
    Neo AJikTTo BaeGoPa?
    1 year ago  
    Kim_Loula 나도~ 아직 점심을 먹지 않아~, 내가 사무실에서 아직예요.
    1 year ago
    bkinside 응 배고파
    1 year ago
  10.      about Hungry
    I think I could eat moon at this moment... Gimme foods~
    1 year ago  
    chloeegonzales ya I just read your mind oppa. great let's eat then go go go
    1 year ago
    Malu Oh! Moon non, no Send to you: steak, rice, beans and salad. ^_^
    1 year ago
  11.      about Hungry
    어디 소불고기 잘 하는 집 없나?
    Is there no good restaurant for 소불고기?
    EoDi SoBulGoGi Jal HaNeun Jip EopNa?
    1 year ago  
    Amel_Lin ㅎㅎㅎㅎ.... My home is save oppa.... lol
    1 year ago
    ryan but I'm already full~ D
    1 year ago
  12.      about Hungry
    배가 슬슬 꼼지락 거리는 시간이다.. 뇌보다 배가 먼저 냉장고로 가라고 명령하는 시간...
    2 years ago  
    Malu And then what you found in the fridge to eat? ^^*
    2 years ago
    ryan I didn't go to fridge yet
    2 years ago
  13.      about Hungry
    라면을 찾아보자
    Let's find RaMyeon!
    RaMyeonEul ChaJaBoJa
    2 years ago  
  14.      about Hungry
    뭘 좀 먹을까?
    Shall I have some foods?
    Mweol Jom MeoGeulGGa?
    2 years ago  
    NicoleHan 라면 어때요? 난 이런 밤에 라면이 짱!
    2 years ago
    ryan 라면 있나?? 다 먹었을 것 같은데...
    2 years ago
  15. Recommender: mihiys
         about Hungry
    배고파서 죽을 것 같아..
    I'm gonna die with hunger.
    Bae GoPaSeo Jug-Eul Geot Gata
    2 years ago  
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