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  1.      about happy
    5 hours ago  
    Ryan 하이~
    5 hours ago
    5 hours ago
  2.      about Happy
    yaaay :D
    11 hours ago  
    Lord Congrat! @fat
    11 hours ago
  3.      about Happy
    안녕하세요, 문철, 친구!
    My Korean friend Chulmoon has joined Mindpasta! Let's all make him feel welcome.
    His English is not perfect. Practice your Korean on him. He will not criticize if you make mistakes. He is very kind.
    This is the man who inspired me to formally study Korean. This is the man who has patiently written me since February when I had almost no Korean words and couldn't make sentences. All my poorly written Korean he had to endure!
    I am so HAPPY!
    1 day ago  
    Marianneja Welcome! :D
    1 day ago
    Hthree Welcome Chulmoon. Would you like to be my friend?
    1 day ago
  4. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about happy
    My brother arrived home last night, my sister this morning, my cousins and auntie this noon, and now I'm waiting for my sister`s colleague ^^ she's from korea btw ^^ she said she really wants to know how we celebrate Eid al Fitr, that's why she will stay in my house for 4 days ^^my others relative will come here tomorrow,
    But sadly, my dad can't be here with us because of his works
    2 days ago  
    Sam☆ WULAN!!! MY DAUGHTER!!! ~ So busy???
    2 days ago
    Wulan Herlambang 
    Yes, I'm really busy right now kkk but I'll play here if I have time
    2 days ago
  5.      about happy
    this dinosaur be a partying.
    3 days ago  
  6. Recommenders: jrbeanie17 other 2
         about Happy
    All my MP friends make me HAPPY! Ryan, are you in this video??
    5 days ago  
    Julia One of my favorite of the Happy videos.
    5 days ago
    Lisa 리사 Mine too Julia
    5 days ago
  7.      about happy
    Going home ealier today to cook for breakfasting.. yeay!
    6 days ago  
    Natasha Nope oppa wanna join us?
    6 days ago
    Ryan send me a suit!
    6 days ago
  8.      about Happy
    I feel so tired ~~
    But feel happy to spent day with my sis & niece
    We had good time ~~
    1 week ago  
    Hanna-Riikka It's fun to spend quality time with family but I agree that it makes one tired! :D
    1 week ago
    Mey ~<@ Yup so tired ~~~~
    1 week ago
  9.      about happy
    hi. how are you today?
    i was so busy! i lay down on my bed ~ so very nice!
    i wish you happiness tomorrow ~
    2 weeks ago  
    Malu-Lee Hi!~
    Welcome back!~~~
    2 weeks ago
  10.      about happy
    It's good feeling in here. I like having piano as bg music
    2 weeks ago  
  11. Recommender: wulan
         about Happy
    The first postcard that I sent to participants of WeeklyPhotoChallenge has arrived today. I'm so happy! I hope the rest of you will receive your cards and packages soon too!
    2 weeks ago  
  12.      about Happy
    finally internet is back! Hello everyone
    2 weeks ago  
    Indra @CC hi dear!!! thanks!
    Linda @Malu, Hi!!!
    @Ryan yay!!!! kkk thanks
    @Wulan hai hai dear!!!
    @Yas thanks hermana
    2 weeks ago
    lila heyo~~~
    2 weeks ago
  13.      about happy
    I want to win more & more
    2 weeks ago  
    AngryShark Congrat! @Malu
    2 weeks ago
  14. Recommenders: LouiseH other 3
         about Happy
    이번 토요일에 수업이 없어서 좋아 (Korean)
    I'm happy with no class on this Saturday
    iBeon ToYoiRe Su-EoBi EopSSeoSeo JoA
    3 weeks ago  
    Nicole 좋다~
    3 weeks ago
  15.      about happy
    loovee thiss who remember haha
    3 weeks ago  
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