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  1. Recommender: Laulaly
         about BigBang
    One of the kind
    6 years ago  
    ItKika *Ovaries explote* LOL I wan't a tiger!!! *___*
    6 years ago
  2.      about BigBang
    i heard tht there's from a-f version?? o.O
    Big Bang to promote all six songs on ‘Alive’ as title tracks
    Earlier, allkpop reported that contrary to their initial report, Big Bang wouldn’t be promoting two tracks, but four. In their...
    7 years ago  
    Kim_Loula ME YES!!!
    7 years ago
    piepoi aigoo~~ this two. kkkk have you listen to their teaser?
    their mv is breathless~~~
    7 years ago
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