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  1.      about :(
    It's pretty useful, but I really hate having to use excel
    8 hours ago  
    Nazgul Yes, Mey Acctually I don't like to work with Office at all ahhaahah
    8 hours ago
    M3y:3~<@ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I see ~ you can find another works outside offices many kinds of works ....
    8 hours ago
  2.      about :(
    i have no luck in blacks
    25 blacks but i get zero
    17 hours ago  
    Jay 재 You got more black than I got of every colour in total! haha
    17 hours ago
    산/Choi Soyeon :) just because my net was/is slow kkkk
    17 hours ago
  3.      about :(
    Morning!!!! I wake up late!!!!! What about the celebration? Is over?
    18 hours ago  
    Julia 안녕~ I thought Ryan said 11 pm, which is just about now.
    18 hours ago
    Selen Ohhhh so good!
    17 hours ago
  4.      about :(
    My wifi was death
    1 day ago  
    M3y:3~<@ Better slow than death
    1 day ago
    Selen But is slow then death... Slow and death! So annoying
    1 day ago
  5.      about :(
    I'm even poorer now?
    2 days ago  
  6.      about :(
    Guess what? After all that giveaway, I ended up with 18 emeralds? How?
    2 days ago  
  7.      about :(
    why i can't see my time capsule?
    5 days ago  
  8.      about :(
    My blues are dying.
    6 days ago  
    AngryShark Congrat! @LouiseH
    6 days ago
  9.      about :(
    Some young and kind peoples have gone too soon. No one knows when and how we die someday. This month i've heard 4 sad news, it breaks my heart
    7 days ago  
  10. Recommender: jrbeanie17
         about :(
    It's in these moments that I really rethink about quitting music
    1 week ago  
    Nazgul You're right, @Selen!! I won't!!
    화이팅 ~~ ^^
    1 week ago
    Julia By knowing music, you have a rich life. Your mind is sharper. You can appreciate the sounds of other musicians more. You activate parts of your brain. You have knowledge stored in other parts of your body (fingers that simply know how to play the song, vocal chords and diaphragm that respond automatically when you sing, feet that tap the beat). You can look at sheet music and turn it into glorious tones. You can impress friends and family. You can make your own music videos or record songs. You are amazing for being a musician. Never stop. A friend of mine just took up the clarinet at age 47, and he is incredibly happy to have invited music back into his life.
    7 days ago
  11.      about :(
    Oh my headache >_< >_<
    1 week ago  
    Jay 재 This was me yesterday! I feel you
    1 week ago
    Alaa Headache loves me ..! Alot!
    1 week ago
  12.      about :(
    나는 슬퍼요 ...
    2 weeks ago  
  13.      about :(
    배가 아파요
    2 weeks ago  
  14.      about :(
    My friend sympathises with clients, she doesn't hesitate to show all the kindness in the world she she talks to them. I do that but not all the time, I get tired of the stories and all the talking that doesn't seem to stop !! it drives me insane sometimes! does that mean I'm heartless ?!
    I'm not heartless I'm just tired
    2 weeks ago  
    jzel No you're not.. you don't have to be always sympathies to others who you think pity, others use that to get you on their side.
    Don't stress out eonni HUG
    2 weeks ago
    Sunshine/Choi Soyeon :) Alaa you're not you just have like everyone your limits
    2 weeks ago
  15.      about :(
    je ne regrette pas les personnes perdues avec le temps Mais je regrette le temps perdu avec certaines personnes
    2 weeks ago  
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