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    18 Book Vs Real
    Recommenders: thkriss other 2
    English book :
    - Korean : 당신의 직업은 무엇입니까?
    - English : What is your job?
    - Korean : 어떤(무슨) 일 해요?
    - English : What do you do?
    2 months ago  
    2 months ago
    Ryan 화이팅!!!
    2 months ago
    Recommenders: Dirk other 7
    When you ask singer/band who you like
    Book : 당신이 좋아하는 가수는 누구입니까?
    Real : 너, 가수 중에 누가 좋아?
    Actually this kind of question is for friends. Yong people have interest of it as usual.
    also 누가 좋냐? 좋아하는 가수 누구냐? 좋아하는 가수 있냐/있어?
    2 years ago  
    Uphuin 핀 I like this ^^
    Its rememberd me when i talk with han about singer
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: LouiseH other 2
    When students met their teacher in any places
    Book : 선생님, 안녕하세요?
    Real : 쌤~ 안녕하세요?
    쌤 is kind of slang word but it seems like allowed to use among them nowadays
    3 years ago  
    pinkblossom 이런 에피소드가 있었거든요 .. 한국에 오신 선생님한테 쌤이라고 부렀는데 그렇게 부르면 안된다고 하셨네요 .. 나이가 좀 있으셔서 그런가요? 아무 산생님한테 쌤이라고 부르면 안되는건가요?
    3 years ago
    Recommenders: LouiseH other 2
    When you ask phone number of someone to your friend.
    Book : 영수 씨 전화번호 좀 알려주시겠습니까?
    Real : 영수 전화번호 좀 찍어
    Actually it was 영수 전화번호 좀 알려줘 or 영수 전화번호 좀 불러 but nowadays everyone uses smartphone so they ask to send it through SMS thingy. So it has been changing~
    3 years ago  
    Ryan Thank you for enjoying my notes
    3 years ago
    Uphuin 핀 Up up
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: LouiseH other 5
    When teacher ask his/her students
    -teacher : 여러분, 숙제 다 했나요?
    -students : 아니요, 너무 많아서 못 했어요.
    -teacher : 숙제 다 해왔지?
    -students : ....
    3 years ago  
    Ninggg :X 우리 tutor들도 많이 당했어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 우선 학생들과 친구 처럼 지내야 되죠.....아....이 세대 학생들 무섭다....
    3 years ago
    Ellyn Iris and oppa is talking about professors and teachers? I understand some words and phrases the others I don't TT_TT
    3 years ago
    Recommender: LouiseH
    When someone looks sad
    Book & lyric :그런 슬픈 표정 하지 마세요
    Real : 왜 그래? 무슨 일 있어?
    3 years ago  
    Recommenders: LouiseH other 6
    When you ask some help to someone
    A: 실례합니다.
    B: 네, 무엇을 도와드릴까요?
    A: 이것 좀 해 주세요.
    B: 네, 거기에 두세요.
    A:이거 좀 해 줄래요?
    B:지금 좀 바빠요.
    When you ask some help to your friends
    A:야/영수야(call name)
    A:이거 좀 해 줘
    3 years ago  
    1 year ago
    3 months ago
    Recommenders: LouiseH other 6
    Book : 도와줘서 감사합니다. 당신은 정말 천사예요.
    Real : 도와줘서 고마워, 니가 최고야! / 고마워요(고맙습니다). 최고예요!!(polite)
    Book : 하루 종일 일을 했더니 탈진한 상탭니다.
    Real : 하루 종일 일했더니 힘들어 죽겠어.
    3 years ago  
    Sam 오빠, 고마워요~
    3 years ago
    Uphuin 핀 Up...
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
    When you are hungry with an accompany.
    A: 어디 특별히 가고 싶은 식당이라도 있으세요?(Do you have any restaurant in mind?)
    A: 뭐 먹고 싶은 거 있어?(Do you want something to eat?)
    3 years ago  
    Monique hmmm. right..Have you tried "ube" flavor?
    3 years ago
    Sam Hmmm...I'm a little unclear on this one ...
    3 years ago
    Recommenders: Dirk other 4
    When you go to hotel
    Book: 하룻밤에 얼마예요? (How much is it a night?)
    Real: 하루에 or 1박에 얼마예요?
    *하룻밤에 얼마?? This phrase is kind of .... question... ;; when men buy a woman for a night as usual...
    And I think most of people will look the price up before they go to the hotel.. I think we don't need to know this kind of phrase
    3 years ago  
    Sam However, my assumption is that a lot of translation contributors are also Koreans
    3 years ago
    Uphuin 핀 Uuuuup...
    1 year ago
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